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About Chester Drawer

The Brand

Chester Drawer is a purpose driven sock brand established on the premises of passion and purpose!

A passion for entrepreneurship and purpose for giving spurred the creation of this sock brand made to tell your story. 

Our sock styles are designed for the ultimate expression of self and our signature collections tell stories of personality, mood and culture.

We give you a voice to say it boldly! The courage to express you! And opportunity to live vicariously through your socks!

Beyond our Collections are the passion and purpose of Chester Drawer. 

Encapsulated in our brand promise to tell your story lies our mantra; Each One, Help one

This purpose driven brand recognising the importance of social responsibility and is committed to building community through giving. 

In this vein, Chester Drawer aims to engage in 2 signature philanthropic causes each year. This is aimed at engendering a spirit of giving whilst gifting among our clientele for the ultimate purpose of building peoples and communities.

Our socks are perfect for various reasons but there is nothing like a good old sock to help you to ….

Create memories, Share moments, Give happiness….



Our Founder

Chester Drawer was founded by our SH-E-O Chinaka Holder who has always loved entrepreneurship. When asked, why Chester Drawer? She responded by exclaiming: passion and purpose!

Chinaka believes in the power of business to grow and a groom society. Considering the multi-faceted nature of business she believes that entrepreneurship; the establishment of a single business can offer many contributions that can exponentially grow people, communities and economies. 

This is the vein within which she hopes to build Chester Drawer.   

Into a business that grows and gives.